What you need to know when buying a property in Mauritius.

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Mauritius, a beautiful island nation in the Indian Ocean, has become an attractive destination for property investment and residency for foreign nationals. With its stunning beaches, picturesque landscapes, and a reputation for maintaining international standards, it's no wonder that potential buyers, especially non-resident foreigners, are drawn to this tropical paradise.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the essential steps and considerations for buying property in Mauritius, along with the relevant keywords to help you navigate this complex process.

The Real Estate Market in Mauritius

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The real estate market in Mauritius can be described as unpredictable and volatile. The value of properties may fluctuate, making it a challenging and drawn-out process for buyers. However, the market still presents attractive options for potential buyers, including foreign investors looking for a permanent residence or an investment scheme.

Residential Properties and Investment Opportunities

Mauritius offers a wide range of residential properties, from luxury villas to beachfront properties. The Real Estate Market in Mauritius is small, and property specifications vary, so it's crucial to study the market before you start your search. Whether you are looking for a dream property or an investment opportunity, Mauritius has plenty of options.

Residence and Residency Permits

If you intend to live in Mauritius, you'll need a residence permit. Working with a lawyer or immigration expert is advised to ensure the application complies with all regulations. Mauritian residence permits are essential for non-Mauritian citizens seeking permanent residency or a long-term stay in this beautiful country.

The Costs of Real Estate in Mauritius

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Property Purchase Price and Costs

The purchase price of properties in Mauritius can vary significantly depending on the type of property, location, and specifications. It's essential to be aware of any potential additional expenses, such as registration tax, registration fees, notary fees, and other hidden costs that might arise during the buying process.

Real Estate Agents and Property Developers

A good real estate agent will help you find the right house and market it well. They play a vital role in answering your questions, guiding you through the purchase process, and understanding the local market. Additionally, respected property developers in Mauritius offer quality projects and professional advice to ensure a successful purchase.

Property Investment Schemes

Mauritius offers various property development schemes to attract foreign investments. These schemes can provide investment properties, commercial properties, and opportunities for rental income. The government encourages foreign buyers to invest in real estate projects and contribute to the local economy.

Legal Considerations and Documentation

Purchasing property in Mauritius is subject to government laws and regulations. Legal issues, including Mauritian succession laws, exchange controls, and gift tax, should be carefully considered. It's recommended to employ a local attorney with knowledge of real estate transactions to ensure a smooth and legally sound process.

Financing Options and Mortgage Market

If you need financial assistance to buy property in Mauritius, it's essential to explore the available financing options. This often includes applying for a mortgage, which requires proof of income and a good credit history. Reliable advice from financial institutions can guide you through the mortgage term.

What to Expect With Real Estate in Mauritius

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Types of Properties and Projects

Mauritius offers a diverse range of properties and real estate projects. From luxury beachfront villas to commercial buildings and residential schemes, you'll find plenty of options to match your preferences and investment goals. Popular developments like Azuri Ocean & Golf Village or Essence in Trou aux Biches offer a wide array of activities and excellent customer service.

Property Management and Services

Daily management services for your property are essential to ensure that your investment remains in pristine condition. Professional property management companies in Mauritius can handle the maintenance and upkeep of your property, making it an attractive option for non-resident foreign buyers.

Unique Features of Mauritius

Mauritius is a magical island with its unique features, including tropical forests, pristine beaches, and coastal towns like Black River. The country boasts excellent infrastructure, proximity to international schools, a high standard of living, and a range of outdoor activities, including golf courses and water sports.

Timeframe and Completion of Construction

Understanding the development plans and the timeframe for the completion of construction is crucial when investing in Mauritian real estate. Reliable property developers can provide information about the progress of your project and the expected completion date.

Ownership and Property Types

Foreign ownership in Mauritius comes with certain regulations and restrictions. It's essential to be informed about the period of ownership, minimum purchase prices, and property types available to non-Mauritian citizens. Whether you are looking for 3-bedroom apartments or G+2 penthouses, Mauritius has a property that suits your needs.

Looking to Invest in Real Estates in Mauritius?

Offshore Trusts and Convertible Currency

Mauritius is known for its financial institutions and offshore trusts that provide flexibility for non-resident investors. Dealing in convertible currency ensures a smooth buying process for foreign nationals looking to purchase property in Mauritius.

International Standards and Infrastructure

Mauritius is renowned for maintaining international standards in various sectors, including education, healthcare, and public spaces. The country boasts modern infrastructure, proximity to international schools, and an excellent standard of living.


In conclusion, buying a property in Mauritius can be a complex process, but with the right preparation and research, you can guarantee a seamless transaction. The beautiful island nation of Mauritius presents an array of attractive options for foreign nationals looking for their dream property, investment opportunities, or a permanent residence. By understanding the key considerations and working with reputable real estate agents, property developers, and legal experts, you can make your property purchase in Mauritius a reality.

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