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Mauritius is widely recognised as one of the very best kitesurfing destinations in the world due to reliable wind and a great variety of kitesurf conditions. Kitesurfing from down the line waves to a large flat water lagoon means it's no surprise that a kitesurf holiday to Mauritius is just about as perfect as it gets.

The Kitesurf Spots

Le Morne, at the foot of the famous landmark, the impressive Le Morne Brabant Mountain, in the southern part of the island, offers everything kitesurfers could wish for.The spot is wellsuited forall kitesurfing abilities. Theconstant southeast trade winds, which in thesummer months blow all day long, make for excellent kiting.These winds that have travelled 4000 miles over the sea are very consistentand clean.

The Learner Lagoon

Kitesurfing lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced kiteboarders are offered by a number of local schools. Beginners use the large lagoon with its fantastic knee-deep flat water, on the windward side of the centre. This is the safest spot for both learning to kitesurf and for improving your kitesurfing skills. Inside the lagoon and especially in front of the station, small coral clumps, shells and marine animals can be found in the water, so we recommend everybody to wear shoes.

Advanced Spot

The kitesurfing spot for advanced kitesurfers is situated directly on the main kite beach, where the wind blows consistentlysideshore from the left.Here you can blastacross the lagoon on shallow water protected from waves by the outer reef, located about 600m offshore.The reef is relatively smooth and is about 1m below the surface, allowing you to ride down the 1-2 m waves without risk. If conditions are right, the kitesurf spot is also suitable for wave riding novices making their first attempts at surfing down waves.

The Wind

The wind usually blows from east or southeast (onshore/side shore from the left) and reaches a strength of 3-5 Beaufort on average during summer in the southern hemisphere and about 4-6 Beaufort during winter. In winter (April to October), the trade wind shows its best side. Between December and April there can be heavy rainfall.

Top 10 Reasons Why Le Morne in Mauritius is the Ultimate Kitesurf Destination

If you're a kitesurfing enthusiast, then you probably know that finding the perfect destination for your next kitesurfing holiday is essential. Luckily, Le Morne in Mauritius has everything you need for an unforgettable kitesurfing experience. Here are the top 10 reasons why Le Morne is the ultimate kitesurf destination.

Reliable Wind Conditions

Le Morne is known for its constant southeast trade winds, which blow all day long, making it ideal for kitesurfing. These winds are consistent and clean, allowing you to enjoy your kitesurfing session without any interruptions.

Stunning Beaches

Le Morne boasts some of the most stunning beaches in the world. With crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, you'll feel like you're in paradise. The kitesurfing beach is located right in front of the luxury hotels, making it easy for you to hit the water at any time.

Perfect for All Skill Levels

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced kitesurfer, Le Morne has something for everyone. The large flat water lagoon is perfect for beginners, while the outer reef offers a challenging experience for advanced kitesurfers.

Variety of Kitesurfing Conditions

From down the line waves to a large flat water lagoon, Le Morne offers a variety of kitesurfing conditions. You can choose the spot that suits your preferences and skill level, making it a versatile destination for kitesurfers.

Impressive Landscape

Le Morne is situated at the foot of the famous Le Morne Brabant Mountain, offering breathtaking views of the landscape. You can enjoy your kitesurfing session while admiring the stunning scenery, making it a truly unique experience.

Luxury Hotels

Le Morne boasts some of the most luxurious hotels in Mauritius, offering exclusive packages for kitesurfers. You can enjoy world-class amenities, fine dining, and stunning views of the ocean while staying just a few steps away from the kitesurfing beach.

Kitesurfing Lessons

If you're a beginner or want to improve your kitesurfing skills, you can take lessons from experienced instructors at Le Morne. The large lagoon is perfect for learning, and you'll get all the necessary equipment and guidance to make progress in your kitesurfing journey.

Childcare Services

Some luxury hotels in Le Morne offer brilliant childcare services, allowing parents to enjoy their kitesurfing sessions while their children are having fun with experienced staff. You can rest assured that your kids are safe and having a great time while you're on the water.

Le Morne in Mauritius is a dream destination for kitesurfers of all skill levels. With reliable wind conditions, stunning beaches, luxury hotels, and a variety of kitesurfing conditions, Le Morne offers everything you need for an unforgettable kitesurfing holiday.

Kitesurf Equipment Rental

At the Le Morne center, Planet Kitesurf offers a full range of the latest equipment from the best kite brands, including North Kiteboarding, Duotone Kiteboarding, and Cabrinha Kitesurfing. For those who don't want to bring their own equipment, the center offers a range of rental options, including kitesurf boards, kites, harnesses, and wetsuits.

In conclusion

Mauritius is a world-class kitesurfing destination that offers a fantastic range of conditions for kitesurfers of all abilities. Le Morne, located on the southern part of the island, is particularly well-suited for kitesurfing, with reliable winds and a great variety of spots.

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