Cap Tamarin Smart City: An Eco-Responsible Living Haven

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Cap Tamarin Smart City is a 44-hectare eco-responsible Smart City situated in Tamarin, Mauritius, a picturesque location positioned between the legendary Tamarin Bay and the stunning La Tourelle mountain on the west coast of the island. It provides a distinctive blend of education, lifestyle, commerce, sports, health, and wellness in one place, making it an ideal location for anyone looking to invest in real estate or relocate to a new and exciting environment.

The Smart City is surrounded by a plethora of activities for residents to enjoy. Within less than 2 km, you can find Tamarina's championship golf course, while the Black River Gorges National Park and Casela's leisure park are just 6 km away. Additionally, Le Morne, a UNESCO world heritage site, is just a drive down the road. To cater to the day-to-day needs of residents, the Smart City has a broad range of amenities from offices, cultural center, sports club, clinics, retirement home, elementary school, college and high school, to a supermarket and shops.

The West Coast of Mauritius is an absolute paradise for sports enthusiasts who love a variety of water and land activities. From surfing to hiking, the possibilities are limitless. Moreover, there are plenty of bars and restaurants where you can immerse yourself in the local Mauritian life.

Cap Tamarin Smart City lets you live your dream!

O'Patio Apartments:
This complex comprises 72 apartments ranging from one to four bedrooms, covering 30 m² to 90 m², situated just a stone's throw away from the shopping center, park, and Smart City center. It's a perfect location for enjoying the best restaurants and cafes in the area. The residence includes secure parking and a bike/surfboard room, making it ideal for those who love an active lifestyle. These apartments are a perfect choice for those seeking a pied-à-terre on the West Coast.

Ofis Apartments:
The 17 apartments in this residence range from 50 m² to 100 m² and comprise 2 to 4 rooms. They're designed for practicality and comfort and are located in the heart of the Smart City, just a five-minute walk from the shopping center, sports complex, and park. They're perfect for a quality real estate investment.

Freedom Hill Residence Apartments:
These 52 apartments, ranging from T2 to T3XL, are designed exclusively for seniors who want to spend their retirement on the island or acquire a second home. Each apartment has its own private terrace, ultra-flat, easily accessible shower, and ample space, ranging from 55 m² to 110 m². They are secure and modular, simplifying the daily lives of residents and allowing them to live in complete independence and serenity.

O'Barachois Apartments:
These 25 luxury apartments are located near the Paul & Virginie elementary school, sports complex, shops, and restaurants. They feature 2 and 3 bedrooms, with each apartment having its parking space. The contemporary design, architecture, and harmonious garden create a high standard residence that includes a communal pool.

8ight Villas:
These 8 luxury villas have over 380 m² of living space and feature up to four en-suite bedrooms. They're located along the Tamarin River and on the edge of the village, enabling residents to enjoy life in the heart of nature while benefiting from the services and amenities offered by the Smart City. Two types of villa designs were created by the famous and talented designer Mario Guillot, both in a modern and warm style using warm colors and natural materials. The large windows let in natural light, and the villas' architecture blends nature and interior design, creating a harmonious and stylish atmosphere.

Villas A'Loès:
These 14 charming and secure villas are nestled in a green setting on the edge of the village, featuring four en-suite bedrooms, a private swimming pool, a parking lot, and a private garden of about 400 m². They're perfect for families looking for a pied-à-terre on the West Coast. The contemporary design and architecture of the villas are sure to appeal to investors looking for a quality new property. The villas cover a surface area of 202 m², spread over two floors.

Investing in Cap Tamarin Smart City comes with numerous advantages. The Smart City provides a set of amenities just a few steps from home, making daily life very pleasant. The offices, cultural center, sports club, clinics, retirement home, elementary school, college and high school, supermarket, shops, and other amenities are in harmony with nature. Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village was elected the first eco-responsible village in the Indian Ocean, with sustainable development at the heart of the project.

In addition to the quality of life, purchasing a property in Cap Tamarin Smart City has many tax advantages. For individuals and companies, there's a single tax rate of 15%, and there are no taxes on dividends, interests, and capital gains. There's also no property tax or inheritance tax in direct line, and profits are repatriated free of charge.

Mauritius has enjoyed political and economic stability for several years, with modern infrastructures, hospitals and clinics, and renowned universities present. The low time difference with Europe and excellent air connection make Mauritius an ideal destination for expatriation.

In conclusion, Cap Tamarin Smart City is a unique program that lets everyone acquire a property in Mauritius with different investment possibilities. The Smart City provides a unique location on the west coast of Mauritius, bordering the Tamarin River. It offers an exceptional quality of life in a green setting, with all the amenities nearby. The purchase of a property also comes with a Permanent Resident Permit.

Investing in Cap Tamarin Smart City means enjoying an eco-responsible lifestyle in an idyllic setting. With a variety of properties to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect investment opportunity that matches your lifestyle. Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village is an excellent example of an eco-responsible living haven that seamlessly blends nature and modern amenities.

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