Why renting a property before buying can be beneficial in Mauritius

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What is better... Renting or Buying First in Mauritius?

To name a few things that could clarify your choice!


Before making a purchase, renting a house in a certain area can help you get a feel for the community and decide if it's the right place for you.

Property Types

Before making a purchase, consider renting a home to help you decide if you'd like an apartment or a villa. You can rent a property before buying to learn what maintenance and repairs are needed, and if you're comfortable managing them.


Renting a house can also help you assess whether the area is affordable for you by giving you an idea of what it costs to live there. This might help you in creating a budget that is reasonable for your property purchase. Renting a property can also help you get a sense of a property's long-term rental prospects, which can help you decide if it would be a wise investment regarding rental income.

Immigration requirements

If you're an expat, renting a home before buying can also help you in better understanding these regulations and in getting the documentation and licences you need in advance.

Legal Issues

Renting a house before purchasing it will help you better understand the legal procedure and verify that all criteria are satisfied, which can help avoid any delays in the sale closing. Renting a home can also provide you with an understanding of the property management services that are offered, which can help you decide if you need to hire a property management company or not.

Renting a home before buying will help you understand the local real estate market, location, type of property, maintenance and repair costs, rental possibilities, immigration requirements, and other legal complications that may arise when purchasing a home in Mauritius.

Also, it can help you in deciding whether the property is the best option for you and in helping you make a better informed offer.

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