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Your Comprehensive Guide to Education in Mauritius for Expats


Are you an expatriate looking for the perfect educational environment for your children in Mauritius? Look no further! In this comprehensive Expats' Guide to Education in Mauritius:

International Schools, Language Learning, and more, we will provide you with all the essential information you need to make an informed decision. From international schools and language learning opportunities to extracurricular activities and frequently asked questions, this article has got you covered. So, let's dive into the world of education in this beautiful island nation!

International Schools in Mauritius: Quality Education for Expatriate Families

Renowned International Schools

Mauritius boasts numerous reputable international schools that cater to the educational needs of expatriate families. These schools offer various curricula, including the British, French, and International Baccalaureate systems. Some of the most notable international schools include:

  1. Northfields International High School
  2. Le Bocage International School
  3. The International Preparatory School
  4. Ecole du Centre (French school)
  5. Lycée La Bourdonnais (French school)

Advantages of International Schools

International schools in Mauritius offer several benefits for expatriate families, such as:

Curriculum continuity: By adhering to international curricula, these schools ensure smooth transitions for students who have moved from other countries or plan to continue their education abroad.

Multicultural environment: International schools foster a diverse community, encouraging cultural exchange and understanding among students.

High-quality education: With experienced teaching staff and modern facilities, international schools in Mauritius provide an excellent standard of education.

• Extracurricular activities: These schools offer a wide range of extracurricular programmes, promoting holistic development for students.

Language Learning in Mauritius: Expanding Your Linguistic Horizons

Languages Spoken in Mauritius

Mauritius is a multilingual country, with English and French being the most widely spoken languages. However, the majority of the population speaks Mauritian Creole, a French-based creole language. Other languages, such as Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, and Mandarin, are also spoken by various communities.

Language Schools and Courses

To help expatriates integrate into Mauritian society, numerous language schools and courses are available. Here are some popular options:

  1. Alliance Française: Offers French courses for all levels and ages.
  2. Berlitz: Provides English, French, and other language courses for adults and children.
  3. Inlingua: Offers a variety of language courses, including English and French, tailored to individual needs.

Private Tutors and Language Exchange

For a more personalised approach to language learning, consider hiring a private tutor or participating in a language exchange programme. Websites like MyLanguageExchange and Tandem can help you connect with local speakers interested in practising your native language while teaching you theirs.

Extracurricular Activities: Enhancing Your Child's Educational Experience

Sports and Fitness

Mauritius offers a plethora of sports and fitness opportunities for children. From football and rugby to swimming and martial arts, there is something for everyone. Enrol your child in a local club or sports academy to help them stay active and make new friends.

Arts and Culture

Nurture your child's artistic side by enrolling them in music, dance, or drama classes. Various cultural centres, such as the Institut Français de Maurice and the Russian Centre for Science and Culture, offer diverse artistic programmes for children.

Community Service and Volunteering

Encourage your child to participate in community service and volunteering opportunities to instil a sense of social responsibility. Local NGOs and international organisations like Rotary International and Lions Clubs often organise events and activities that welcome young volunteers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Education in Mauritius

Q: Is the education system in Mauritius of high quality?

A: Yes, Mauritius offers a high-quality education system with various options for expatriate families, including international schools that adhere to international curricula.

Q: What are the tuition fees for international schools in Mauritius?

A: Tuition fees for international schools in Mauritius can vary widely, depending on the institution and the student's grade level. Generally, fees range from $4,000 to $12,000 per year. It's essential to research each school's fee structure and additional costs, such as uniforms, transportation, and extracurricular activities.

Q: Are public schools in Mauritius a viable option for expatriate children?

A: While public schools in Mauritius are free, they may not be the best choice for expatriate children due to potential language barriers and differences in curriculum. International schools are better suited to meet the specific educational needs of expatriate families.

Q: Is homeschooling allowed in Mauritius?

A: Yes, homeschooling is permitted in Mauritius. However, parents must ensure that their child's education aligns with the national curriculum and that they meet the necessary requirements for homeschooling.

Q: What is the school year schedule in Mauritius?

A: The school year in Mauritius generally runs from January to December, with short breaks in April, August, and December. However, international schools may follow a different schedule that aligns with their respective curricula.


In this Expats' Guide to Education in Mauritius: International Schools, Language Learning, and More, we have provided you with comprehensive information on the educational landscape in Mauritius. With its array of international schools, language learning opportunities, and extracurricular activities, this island nation presents an excellent environment for expatriate families to thrive. As you consider your options, remember to research each institution, thoroughly, ask questions, and communicate with fellow expatriates to make the most informed decision for your family's educational journey in Mauritius.

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