Mauritius' Renewable Energy Drive: Goals and Incentives

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Mauritius Commits to Renewable Energy: Ambitious Goals and Incentives

Despite contributing less than 0.01% of global carbon dioxide emissions, Mauritius remains committed to meeting its international commitment to cut GHG emissions in half by 2030. To this end, the government has launched a comprehensive strategy to make renewable energy 60 percent of the electricity mix by 2030; to decarbonize end-user sectors; to improve energy efficiency; to boost R&D and innovation in the field; and to establish Mauritius as a regional and continental hub for renewable power.

Over the past few years, over 100 MW of wind and solar farms' installed capacity have been put into service. The government has set a goal of installing an additional 200 MW of renewable energy capacity by 2025, and another 435 MW by 2030. The solar, wind, biomass, hybrid renewable system, and marine renewables generation sectors are all included in the USD 1.35 billion projected investment in the sector by horizon 2030 outlined in the energy transition roadmap for 2030.

To realize its renewable energy goal, the government plans to commission facility-scale renewable energy projects via a tender-based approach, encourage individuals, industries, and businesses to generate electricity from renewable energy sources, speed up the rollout of electric mobility, maintain energy efficiency gains, and establish Mauritius as a regional innovative renewable energy hub.

As a result, many incentives have been put in place to help promoters in the sector take advantage of the many possibilities available to them.

Tax breaks for homeowners who invest in solar power systems

Capital expenditure allowance for the purchase of a solar energy unit is 100% per year, while green technology equipment receives a 50% allowance.

Allowance of Revenue earned by investors in a company's issuance of debentures, bonds, or sukuks for the purpose of funding renewable energy projects.

With a buy back guarantee of MUR 4.20, industrial users can generate up to 150% of their current electricity consumption.

Acquisition and lease of agricultural land for renewable energy projects does not incur the land conversion tax.

Duty and tax free solar photovoltaic equipment

If you invest more than MUR 500 million in cutting-edge technologies, you'll be eligible for a special certification as a premium investor (not applicable to tender based projects)
In addition, you can learn about and apply for a variety of specialized programs at and

An EIA is required for solar projects with an installed capacity greater than 2MW (EIA). Smaller capacity projects may still require an EIA on a case-by-case basis.

The Utilities Regulatory Authority issues licenses and clearances for energy projects (including off-grid projects).

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