Life in Eko Savannah: An Unmatched Lifestyle for Nature Lover

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Welcome to Eko Savannah: Where Nature Meets Luxury

In the heart of Mauritius lies an untouched paradise named Eko Savannah, a haven where nature lovers can relish in a lifestyle like no other. With its unique villas, including Villa Acacia, Eko Savannah offers a unique blend of wild luxury and natural tranquility.

Embracing the Wild Luxury in Villa Acacia

Living Spaces That Breathe Nature

Villa Acacia, one of Eko Savannah's masterpieces, boasts a spacious 563 sqm surface area, adorned with 5 bedrooms and an office. Every element, from its grand 73 sqm swimming pool to its blend of interior and exterior spaces, is designed with nature and luxury in mind.

Design and Decor: A Wild & Chill Atmosphere

Villa Acacia is more than a home; it's an architectural statement that seamlessly blends with its surroundings. Space, height, wood, rough concrete, bay windows, large deck terraces, and a swimming pool are all fused to create luxury at its wildest.

Superior Quality Services: A Promise of Eko Savannah

Eko Savannah promises a rich set of features and fittings. Its adherence to international anti-cyclone standards, the use of non-slip tiles and exotic wood for terrace floors, and a salt-filtration swimming pool are just the beginning of what Eko Savannah has to offer.

Reaping the Benefits of the Mauritian Tax System

Investing in Eko Savannah is more than acquiring a luxurious villa. It's a gateway to the advantageous Mauritian tax system, with benefits such as a single tax band of 15% on income, including rental income, and no capital gains tax on profits if the property is resold.


1: What are the unique features of Eko Savannah?

Eko Savannah is a unique blend of wild luxury and natural tranquility. It boasts architecturally impressive villas, each designed to blend harmoniously with its natural surroundings. The villas, including Villa Acacia, are equipped with features such as spacious living areas, large deck terraces, a swimming pool, and luxurious fittings. The project also adheres to international anti-cyclone standards, ensuring a safe living environment.

2: What are the advantages of investing in Eko Savannah Villas?

Investing in Eko Savannah Villas not only provides an opportunity to experience luxurious and sustainable living but also offers financial benefits. Mauritius has an advantageous tax system, with a single tax band of 15% on income, including rental income. There's no capital gains tax on profits if the property is resold. A property in Mauritius isn't included in the asset calculation for French tax residents, making it a particularly attractive investment for those from France.

3: How does the Mauritian tax system benefit Eko Savannah investors?

The Mauritian tax system provides several benefits for investors in Eko Savannah. It features a single tax band of 15% on income, including rental income. Furthermore, there's no capital gains tax if the property is resold. For French tax residents, a property in Mauritius isn't included in the asset calculation and doesn't need to be declared for French IFI, offering tax advantages.

4: What is the design philosophy of Eko Savannah's villas?

The design philosophy of Eko Savannah's villas is centered around the concept of "wild luxury." The villas, like Villa Acacia, are designed to blend seamlessly with their natural environment, employing elements such as space, height, wood, rough concrete, and bay windows. They offer a balance of indoor and outdoor living spaces, including large deck terraces and a swimming pool, creating a luxurious living experience that feels like an integral part of the natural landscape.

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