Living the Dream: Eko Savannah as Perfect Investment Destination

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Embracing Luxurious Tranquility in Eko Savannah

Imagine the perfect blend of luxury and nature, a place where architectural elegance meets lush green landscapes, where tranquillity is your closest neighbour. Welcome to Eko Savannah, the embodiment of this dream, located in the idyllic surroundings of Mauritius. A unique investment destination, Eko Savannah combines luxury living with irresistible tax benefits, making it an unmatched opportunity for discerning investors worldwide.

The Allure of Eko Savannah

Eko Savannah is more than just a housing development. It's a lifestyle statement that resonates with the sophistication of modern design and the serenity of a natural haven. Enveloped in an exotic environment, each villa is a testament to architectural brilliance and sustainable living, offering residents an exclusive retreat without disconnecting them from the modern world.

Villa Types in Eko Savannah

Eko Savannah comprises various villas, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail and designed for the utmost comfort. Villa Acacia, in particular, is a fine testament to the unique offerings of Eko Savannah.

Villa Acacia: A Case Study in Luxury

A sprawling estate extending over 1850 square meters, Villa Acacia captivates with its elegance. It offers 5 bedrooms, an office, a 73 sqm swimming pool, and ample outdoor and indoor space, providing residents with the ultimate comfort in luxury living. Detailed design features such as a wild & chill atmosphere, non-slip tiles, and an exotic wood terrace enhance the villa's appeal. In addition, amenities like an outdoor shower, fitted wardrobes, air conditioning, and high-end appliances underline the project's commitment to quality and luxury.

Tax Benefits: The Mauritian Advantage

Investing in Eko Savannah is not just about owning a piece of paradise; it also opens doors to attractive tax benefits. Mauritius boasts a single tax band of 15% on income, which includes rental income. Profits from the resale of property aren't subject to capital gains tax, and properties in Mauritius aren't included in the asset calculation of French tax residents, adding an additional layer of financial appeal.

The French Connection: Tax Benefits for French Investors

Due to a non-double tax treaty between France and Mauritius, income from a Mauritian source cannot be taxed in France. Additionally, capital gains, if reinvested locally or repatriated into France, are exempt from tax, making it an attractive destination for French investors.

Sustainable Luxury: The Eko Savannah Commitment

Eko Savannah stands out for its commitment to sustainability. Features like recycled water for garden areas, fencing of grounds, and a landscaped garden created by a landscape architect underline this commitment. By investing in Eko Savannah, you're not only securing a luxury lifestyle but also contributing towards a greener future.


Eko Savannah redefines the notion of luxury living by blending it with nature and fiscal benefits. Whether you're seeking a serene retreat or an investment with robust returns, Eko Savannah emerges as the perfect choice.


Q: What are the key features of Villa Acacia? A: Villa Acacia features 5 bedrooms, an office, and a 73 sqm swimming pool. It extends over a land of 1850 sqm, offering generous indoor and outdoor space.

Q: What tax benefits does investing in Eko Savannah offer? A: Mauritius offers a single tax band of 15% on income, no capital gains tax on property resale, and exemption from asset calculation for French tax residents.

Q: What are Eko Savannah's sustainability features? A: Eko Savannah employs recycled water for garden areas and promotes green living through architectural design and landscaping.

Q: How does Eko Savannah cater to luxury living? A: Eko Savannah villas are equipped with high-end appliances, air conditioning, and exquisite interior design, offering an unparalleled luxury living experience.

By investing in Eko Savannah, you're not just purchasing property; you're becoming part of a sustainable, luxurious lifestyle that values harmony with nature and financial wisdom.

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