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The Transition to Paradise: My Journey as an Expatriate in Mauritius

As an expatriate, the very concept of home is fluid, transient even. However, since I landed on this sun-kissed, azure-bordered island of Mauritius, the feeling of being home was undeniable. It was as if I had found a lost part of myself in this seemingly untouched paradise.

The airport provided the first glimpses of the Mauritian mosaic, a potpourri of cultures co-existing in a harmonious ensemble. The friendly customs officer who stamped my passport was a cheerful window to the inherent hospitality of the Mauritian people.

The island unfolded before me on my first day like a pop-up book of panoramic landscapes. The hues of the lagoons shifting with the day, the undulating sugarcane fields beneath the hills, the vivid bursts of flame trees lining the roads – all felt like vignettes of a beautifully painted canvas.

Transitioning from my hometown's hustle and bustle to Mauritius's laid-back lifestyle was initially challenging. Time here seemed to slow down, often reflected in the local expression 'Moris relax' – 'Mauritius relaxes'. But once I allowed myself to sync with the island rhythm, I began to appreciate the Mauritian 'Joie de Vivre.

Adapting to the local cuisine was an epicurean adventure. From the delectable 'dholl puri' at a streetside vendor to the delicious seafood at a fine-dining restaurant, my palate was introduced to a symphony of Creole, Indian, French, and Chinese flavours. I was delighted to find that grocery shopping could turn into a culinary tour, with local markets offering a rainbow of tropical fruits, vegetables, and fresh catches of the day.

Finding a place to call home was another milestone. From modern beachfront villas to traditional colonial houses, there were options aplenty. Ultimately, I chose a charming Creole house with a patio overlooking the sea, a perfect setting for my morning tea ritual and helped by Karen and her team at Property Finder Ltd to find the ideal spot for me.

Being an expatriate in Mauritius, one must come to love the quirks of the island. Frequent power cuts, the relaxed pace of public services, and unexpected road detours due to a religious procession - there were some initial hurdles. But as I spent more time, these quirks started to grow on me, embodying the unexpected charms of the island life.

While English is the official language, mastering a smattering of Mauritian Creole helped me connect better with the locals, adding another layer of richness to my expatriate experience.

Embracing the local culture was key to feeling integrated. Participating in the colourful Cavadee festival, watching the dragon boat races during the Chinese Spring Festival, and learning to play the 'ravanne' at a 'sega' dance session, were experiences that helped me feel a part of the island's vibrant community.

My journey as an expatriate in Mauritius has been transformative. With its serene landscapes, friendly locals, diverse cultures, and delicious food, the island has a certain magic that has left an indelible mark on me. Despite the challenges and adjustments, the transition to this paradise has been a rewarding journey that continues to unfurl delightful surprises. Mauritius, in all its tropical glory, has truly become a place I call home.

A. N............ South Africa Expat

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