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Basking in Bountiful Beaches: A Beach Lifestyle in Mauritius

Mauritius, a tropical paradise surrounded by the Indian Ocean, is renowned for its breathtaking beaches. As an expatriate in this island nation, the beach is no longer a holiday destination or a weekend getaway, and it’s now a way of life. The whisper of the waves, the kiss of the sun, and the grainy touch of the sand are daily experiences that have shaped my life here. I want to take you along on my journey of how living seaside in Mauritius has profoundly transformed my lifestyle.

Upon landing in Mauritius, one of the first things I did was exchange my brogues for flip-flops. This was more than just a switch in footwear; it was a symbolic transition from a busy metropolitan existence to a laid-back beach life. The pace of life in Mauritius is slower, akin to the unhurried ebb and flow of the ocean waves. My daily routine now begins not with alarm clocks and rushed breakfasts but with the rising sun reflecting off the azure sea and the sweet taste of tropical fruits.

Every beach in Mauritius has its unique charm. For instance, the popular Flic en Flac is an expat favourite due to its pristine sandy beaches and warm waters, perfect for swimming and snorkelling. On the other hand, the lesser-known La Prairie offers serenity away from the bustling tourist spots, a place where you can lose yourself in the rhythmic dance of the waves and winds.

Living on the coast has also offered an opportunity to embrace various water sports. Mauritius is famous for kitesurfing, an activity that is now a thrilling part of my life. Learning to balance and catch the wind was initially a struggle, but the joy of gliding over the water propelled by the wind was worth it. On calmer days, I enjoy paddleboarding across the tranquil waters, each stroke immersing me further into the island’s charm.

Not to forget the sea’s bountiful culinary offerings. A fresh catch of the day can be bought directly from local fishermen returning in their brightly painted pirogues. The joy of cooking and sharing a meal of freshly caught dorado or red snapper with neighbours, accompanied by a zesty rougaille or a tangy curry, is an experience that encapsulates the community spirit here.

My beachside lifestyle has allowed me to witness the spectacular marine biodiversity Mauritius boasts of. I have come to understand the fragile balance of the ocean’s ecosystem. This awareness led me to join local initiatives for coral reef conservation and beach clean-ups, contributing to 

preserving the island’s natural beauty for generations to come.

Finally, nothing embodies the Mauritian seaside experience better than the breathtaking sunsets. Each evening, as the sun descends into the horizon, the sky is painted with orange, pink, and purple hues, a sight so captivating it feels like a daily gift from the universe.

Living a beach life in Mauritius means embracing the rhythms of nature, fostering a sense of community, and experiencing a harmonious blend of leisure and adventure. This journey has given me sun-kissed skin and a heart full of gratitude, and an unquenchable love for the ocean. Life, indeed, is better at the beach, especially when the beach is in Mauritius.

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