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Bargaining to Business Etiquette: The Economics of Living in Mauritius

Settling into a new country requires a unique blend of adaptability, patience, and an earnest effort to understand its culture and economy. As an expatriate in Mauritius, I've had the privilege of immersing myself in the everyday life and the business environment of this vibrant island nation.

One of the first economic aspects that struck me upon moving here was the cost of living. Although Mauritius is a developing country, the cost of living is higher than you might expect. Groceries, utilities, and eating out can be more expensive than in comparable nations. However, the quality of life is excellent, and you get good value for your money, especially considering the island's picturesque environment and general safety.

If you're like me and enjoy exploring local markets, you must learn the art of bargaining. Mauritians love to haggle, especially in traditional markets like Port Louis Central. The first price you're quoted is often flexible, and if you haggle politely, you can get some excellent deals. However, this does not apply to shopping in supermarkets or other established businesses with fixed prices.

Coming from a Western business environment, it was also enlightening to learn about business etiquette in Mauritius. The island has a diverse culture with a mix of Creole, French, Indian, and Chinese influences, which is reflected in their business customs.

Business meetings are often relaxed but professional, and it's important to establish a personal relationship before diving into business matters. It's okay if the first part of a business meeting involves a casual conversation about family or hobbies.

While the country's official language is English, many businesspeople speak French and Mauritian Creole fluently. As a result, it might be helpful to learn some basic phrases in these languages to communicate more effectively.

The Mauritian Rupee (MUR) is the national currency, and all transactions, including rents and salaries, are in Rupees. It's worth noting that the banking sector in Mauritius is quite advanced. There are several local and international banks, most of which offer online banking facilities. The use of credit cards is also widespread.

One of the best things about living in Mauritius is the work-life balance. The Mauritian lifestyle allows for an excellent blend of work and leisure. After work, it's common to head to the beach for a swim or enjoy a late-afternoon barbecue with friends.

Living in Mauritius has its unique economic aspects. It requires some understanding and adaptation, but with a little patience and willingness to engage with the local culture, it's a rewarding experience. Whether bargaining in a local market, conducting a business meeting, or simply enjoying the island's lifestyle, Mauritius offers a rich, diverse experience unlike any other.

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