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An Expat’s Guide to Mauritian Festivals: Celebration and Integration

Moving to Mauritius, a captivatingly vibrant island nation known for its diverse cultural makeup and festive spirit, was a decision I cherish today. As an expatriate, it wasn’t just about adapting to a new work environment, climate, or even a new language – it was about understanding and immersing myself in the rich tapestry of traditions, festivals, and celebrations that truly make Mauritius unique.

One of Mauritius’s best aspects of life is the opportunity to partake in many cultural festivals. The Mauritian calendar is punctuated by colourful and jubilant celebrations, each representing the distinct heritage of the various communities that coexist harmoniously on the island. Here are some of the most impactful festivals I’ve had the pleasure to experience:

Chinese Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)

Usually celebrated between January and February, the Chinese Spring Festival is one of the most spectacular events in Mauritius. The streets come alive with the sights and sounds of lion and dragon dances, firecrackers, and beautiful red lanterns. As an expatriate, being invited to a Mauritian-Chinese household for the traditional reunion dinner was an honour. The food was unforgettable, laden with symbolism for prosperity and good luck.

Maha Shivaratri (Great Night of Shiva)

Held around February or March, Maha Shivaratri is one of the largest Hindu festivals on the island. I joined a pilgrimage to the sacred lake of Ganga Talao, where devotees honour Lord Shiva through prayer and fasting. The sense of community and spiritual dedication was profound, and the sight of the lake lit by countless divas (lamps) was awe-inspiring.


After a month of fasting during Ramadan, the Muslim community in Mauritius celebrates Eid-al-Fitr, marking the end of this holy period with communal prayers, feasts, and acts of charity. The sense of community during this festival was heartwarming. Trying the delicious assortment of Eid special sweets like the gato zinzli (sesame seed fritters) and various biryanis was a treat to my taste buds.


Cavadee is an incredibly intense and vibrant Tamil festival dedicated to the deity Muruga. Participants perform body piercing and fire-walking rituals, showing their devotion and endurance. Witnessing this festival gave me a deep appreciation for the physical and spiritual commitment of the Tamil community.


Though it was strange for me initially to celebrate Christmas under a tropical sun, the spirit of joy, generosity, and togetherness was as strong as ever. Midnight Mass at one of the old Creole churches was a unique experience, and the festive banquet with Creole dishes like turkey daube and the tropical fruit-laden Christmas cake was an unforgettable twist on my traditional holiday.

These cultural experiences have significantly enriched my integration into Mauritian society. Each festival taught me something new, not only about the traditions and history of Mauritius but also about the values of unity, respect, and shared joy that permeates life on this beautiful island. Participating in these celebrations has fostered a sense of belonging as an expat, making me feel more at home in this new land. And for those considering a move to Mauritius, I cannot recommend highly enough that you immerse yourself in these vibrant displays of cultural heritage – they are, in essence, the heartbeat of the island.

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Ever wondered what it's like to dive into the vibrant festival culture of Mauritius as an expat? Join me on an awe-inspiring journey through the colorful tapestry of celebrations that light up this island nation. From the Chinese Spring Festival to Maha Shivaratri, Eid-al-Fitr, Cavadee, and Christmas – each event offers a unique blend of joy, unity, and cultural richness that makes living in Mauritius an unforgettable adventure. Discover how these festivals have shaped my expat experience and made me feel at home in this beautiful paradise. 🎊🌴🌏💫 #Mauritius #ExpatLife #CulturalFestivals

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