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Decoding Dodo Land: Understanding the History and Heritage of Mauritius

Moving to Mauritius, a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, has been quite a journey for me. I had set out for this destination with the idea of an idyllic life filled with turquoise beaches, water sports, and bountiful sunshine. While Mauritius certainly offers all these, what surprised me was the profound historical richness and cultural diversity that the island nation has to offer. In this article, I will attempt to share my exploration and decoding of the history and heritage of Mauritius—locally referred to as Dodo Land.

The Arrival at Dodo Land

Upon my arrival, the first thing that struck me was the local fascination with the Dodo. The Dodo, an extinct flightless bird endemic to Mauritius, has become an iconic symbol of the island. Its extinction in the 17th century due to human activity, just about a century after its discovery, stands as a stark reminder of the impact of human interference with nature.

The Saga of Human Settlement

Human history in Mauritius is relatively recent, with the island remaining uninhabited until the end of the 16th century. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to discover Mauritius in the early 1500s but never colonised it. The Dutch were the first to establish a colony in 1638, only to abandon it later. The French, taking control in 1715, left a significant impact on the land, developing the island into a thriving sugar-cane plantation colony. The British, who took over from the French during the Napoleonic Wars in 1810, abolished slavery but brought in indentured labourers from India, shaping Mauritius's current ethnic and cultural diversity.

An Amalgamation of Cultures

Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures and religions, making it one of the most diverse nations on Earth. Most of the population is of Indian descent, followed by Creole (African and Malagasy), Chinese and Franco-Mauritian communities. Each community brings unique cultural traditions, languages, festivals and cuisines to the Mauritian tableau. This cultural richness is reflected everywhere from the local food to the architecture, music, and festivals. As an expat, being part of these vibrant traditions and celebrations has been an enriching experience.

Language: The Ties that Bind

One aspect that stands out in Mauritius is its linguistic diversity. Most Mauritians are multilingual, speaking Creole, French and English fluently. The Mauritian Creole, a French-based pidgin language, is the lingua franca, while French and English are used in education, the media and business. Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Urdu are also spoken, reflecting the diverse Indian communities.

Preserving Heritage: The UNESCO Sites

Mauritius has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Aapravasi Ghat and Le Morne Brabant. The Aapravasi Ghat is a former immigration depot where the modern indentured labour diaspora began. It has become a symbol of the strength and resilience of the ancestors of present-day Mauritians. On the other hand, Le Morne Brabant, a rugged mountain, symbolises freedom and the struggle against slavery. The mountain was a sanctuary for runaway slaves, and today, it stands as a testament to their fight for freedom.

Living in Mauritius has been a profound learning experience, providing insights into unique history, heritage, and culture. The beauty of Mauritius goes beyond its picturesque landscapes—it lies in the spirit of its people, their history, and the rich cultural mosaic they have created. As an expatriate, unravelling these layers of history and culture has been an enriching journey that has helped me feel more at home in this land of the Dodo.

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