West Coast Mauritius: A Peek into the Islands Unique Communities

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Learning About the West Coast's Many Cultures in Mauritius

Mauritius, a country in the Indian Ocean, is famous for its stunning beaches, fascinating history, and lively culture. In particular, the west coast of Mauritius is a cultural treasury with many interesting and unusual practises. In this piece, we'll take you on a tour across the varied and interesting cultures of the western coast of Mauritius.

Creole Society

On the western coast of Mauritius, the Creole culture stands out as one of the most distinctive and important. Blending elements from Africa, India, China, and Europe, it reflects the island's complex past. Also extensively spoken on the island is Creole, a language that combines elements of French, English, and other African languages. Creole culture and its people are well-known for their warm hospitality, lively music, and delicious cuisine. The west coast of Mauritius is where you'll find some of the friendliest locals, not to mention some of the island's best cuisine and entertainment.

The Indian Way of Life

The Indian culture has also had a major impact on the western part of Mauritius. One of the most populous groups in Mauritius, the Indian population has contributed greatly to developing the island's unique culture. Those who travel to the western part of Mauritius can experience authentic Indian culture by visiting colourful Hindu temples, dining on authentic Indian fare, and watching performances of classical Indian dances like the Bhojpuri.

Traditional Chinese Values

Chinese influence may be seen all along the west coast of Mauritius. During two centuries of settlement, Chinese culture and practises have been deeply ingrained in Mauritius society. Visitors to the west coast of Mauritius can see Chinese pagodas, eat delicious Chinese food, and celebrate the Chinese New Year alongside colourful locals and tourists.

The African Way of Life

African influences can be felt in the music, dancing, and customs of the west coast of Mauritius as well. African slaves sent to Mauritius made an indelible mark on the island's culture, and today tourists can learn more about this rich history by visiting the many museums and historical sites on the island. Visitors to the island can see performances of the Sega dance, a style that has its roots in the dances of the African slaves who first brought it to the Americas.

European Civlisation

European culture has also profoundly influenced the west coast of Mauritius. The island's architecture, language, and customs all bear the marks of the island's colonial past at the hands of the Dutch, the French, and the British. Whilst in the west of Mauritius, check out the colonial architecture, indulge in some French cuisine, and enjoy some of the island's vibrant festivities, including the one celebrating Bastille Day.


Travellers to the west coast of Mauritius will gain insight into the island's diverse cultural heritage. Visitors visiting the west coast of Mauritius can experience a variety of cultures, from the lively Creole scene to the bright Chinese festivals. Thus, the west coast of Mauritius is where you should go if you want to learn about the island's many and fascinating cultures.

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