Costs for Real Estate transactions
Buyer Fees:
  • 5% government registration fee
  • 1% + VAT notary fees
  • 2% + VAT agency fees
Seller Fees:
  • 5% government transfer tax
  • 2% + VAT agency fees

When buying in an off-plan project, there are generally, no agency fees

Non-citizen law
Buyer Fees:
  • 15% government registration fee
  • 1% + VAT notary fees
  • 2% + VAT agency fees
Seller Fees:
  • 5% government transfer tax
  • 2% + VAT agency fees

If you are purchasing as a non-citizen, the EDB application fee is currently between Rs 10,000 and Rs 50,000 Mauritian rupees.

Property Finder agency fees

Fees are the standard market practice of one (1) month's rent + VAT which is paid on signature of the lease agreement, by the lessor and lessee paid into our bank account.


Fees are the standard market practice of two (2)% of the sale price + VAT upon signature of the deed, by the seller and the buyer As mentioned in our information, generally there are no agency fees are applicable for off-plan projects. For more information, please contact us on +230 4604170

The benefits of living in Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful island country located in the Indian Ocean, just off the coast of Africa. It has a tropical climate, stunning beaches, and a rich culture. Mauritius is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

The country has a number of advantages that make it a great place to invest, including:

  • Favorable tax policies:
    Mauritius has a very favorable tax regime for both businesses and individuals. Businesses can benefit from a corporate tax rate of 15%, while individuals can benefit from a flat tax rate of 15% on their worldwide income.
  • Free-trade economy:
    Mauritius is a member of the World Trade Organization and has a number of free-trade agreements with other countries. This makes it an attractive place to do business, as it reduces the cost of imports and exports.
  • Social and political stability:
    Mauritius is a stable and peaceful country with a strong democracy. This makes it a safe place to live and invest.
  • Strategic location:
    Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean, just off the coast of Africa. This gives it a strategic location for businesses that want to trade with Africa, Asia, and Europe.
  • Availability of qualified and skilled labor:
    Mauritius has a well-educated workforce with a high level of English proficiency. This makes it easy to find qualified and skilled workers for businesses operating in Mauritius.
  • Economic stability:
    Mauritius has a strong economy with a growing middle class. This makes it a good place to invest for the long term.
  • No exchange control:
    Mauritius does not have exchange control, which means that investors can freely move money in and out of the country.

In addition to these factors, Mauritius also offers a number of specific investment opportunities, including real estate, businesses, and financial services. If you are looking for a place to invest or live, Mauritius is a great option.


Karen Thornalley

Director of Property Finder

Director of in Mauritius is originally from the UK, after spending 7 years in Dubai, working with the Real Estate and Relocation industries and having over 30 years of experience in Business development with a focus on the growth of opportunities, management and progression of the company, team building, training and Increasing turnover.

When moving to Mauritius with her husband, Karen established Property Finder Limited to continue her passion for innovation and ingenuity at the same time bringing her vast business knowledge to an industry where customer service and support are in great demand.

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS - "The most important people in Property Finder are its clients and acting in their best interest is the foundation on which the company has grown over the last few years. We take customer care to another level and will always look to provide the best solution for everyone that gives us the pleasure of allowing Property Finder to be their agent of choice." Karen quotes.

Leading a team by example is something she has done all her life and making sure they provide the best of service every time.

Passionate about the client's needs, always available to discuss and find solutions, negotiating, whether for the owner of a property or the tenant/buyer and being trustworthy.

Karen's heart is in the business and its growth and development, marketing and learning all new regulations and everyday changes in the property market and to ensure the knowledge of the current property market is always up to date.

Going the extra mile is what makes the difference in the Real Estate industry and prides itself as being up there as one of the best in this sector. Our client testimonials demonstrate the care and attention we take with our clients and their needs.

Nadia de Robillard


Being born and raised in Mauritius, Nadia has an experienced eye on the beauties of the island. She is familiar with the prettiest and nicest living locations which when paired with her honesty and integrity results in insightful guidance.

Her dedication to her work makes her strive towards ultimate client satisfaction as she does not settle for less. She only ticks off her to-do-lists when her clients express genuine delight in what she offers.

With ten years of experience tucked under her belt, she is very familiar with all the tips and tricks to guarantee a job well done. She is familiar with the real-estate market and knows how to effectively mediate between buyers and sellers.

She is passionate about helping people meet their expectations of finding new homes and offices and finds joy in what she does. She pays close attention to her clients needs and makes sure that they are answered. Her work feels like a hobby which is expressed in her sincere interest and care for those who she works with.

Lovena Sukeea

Compliance, Administration, and Marketing Department

Lovena, a native of Mauritius, brings a wealth of local knowledge and cultural insight to her role. Her journey began with Mauritius-life, where her invaluable contributions deepened our understanding of the island and its people, laying a solid foundation for meaningful engagement in this vibrant country. Transitioning into the property sector, Lovena carried her rich experience forward.

Currently, she is a pivotal member of Property Finder, serving in both the administration and marketing departments. Her most notable achievement in the past year has been the development of a comprehensive system for the company's compliance administration. Lovena's professional acumen, coupled with her exceptional teamwork skills, makes her an indispensable asset to our organization. Her keen eye for detail and commitment to excellence continue to drive our success and uphold our high standards in the dynamic world of property management.

Dean Pitot


Husband and wife duo, Dean and Denise moved to Mauritius from South Africa in 2018. Having been involved in numerous business sectors during their careers, their focus has always been the customer’s experience, and as such both are extremely customer focused.

They have spent their time in Mauritius involved in business in general, with Dean selling gas BBQ and pizza ovens and Denise managing Mauritius Business Network, the first guided, referral generating business network on the island. In 2019 Dean became an estate agent his area of focus being the North of the island. With his head for business and understanding of the Mauritian market, he is especially well placed to assist with investment properties and business purchases.

Denise joined the Property Finder (North) team in 2023 and as she is all about the heart, she is the ideal person to guide you through the process of finding a home and helping you and the family to settle into it. Having made the move themselves, Dean and Denise understand the challenges you face when deciding to move countries or move home. In fact, they themselves have moved home 4 times in the last 5 years! The most recent move seeing them relocate from the West to the North which means they now have experience in both major expatriate destinations.

Whether you are looking for a home, business or an investment, allow Dean and Denise to assist you to find your ideal purchase.